About Victoria Buckmann

When I was in my 20’s, I got a job with a big telecommunications company, and all my sales trainings were taught by men and focused on hard sales tactics. I couldn’t find a model of sales that felt good for me, so I finally decided that I would have to invent one myself.

I took the practical advice I had received and infused it with the profound spiritual concepts that I teach my clients, and I quickly rose to #1 in sales in my company.  I went from making $24,000 a year to making $265,000 a year. And all my clients loved me.

Best of all, I discovered that the Sales Magic system I’d developed was a learnable skill!  I started sharing what I was doing with my team and their sales went up, too.

Now, I’ve decided to leverage that experience into working in my TRUE passion, which is supporting women entrepreneurs because I know that our talents and gifts can change the planet.

My VIP coaching clients have been able to double and triple their sales through working with me, finally being compensated appropriately for their important work, while reaching more people that need their services and support.

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