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Let Abundance Flow

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Take Care of Yourself and Allow Abundance to Flow

When you are a coach or teacher, it is so important to walk your talk.  Lately the Universe has been showing me how I can improve upon taking care of myself.  That seems to be the theme for most of us women today (and men), putting ourselves first on the list, making our needs important, treating ourselves like we matter. When we take good care of our own needs we demonstrate how we want to be treated by others. Here is a good article that I found that reiterates just that.

On the journey to wholeness and learning to love and respect yourself, it important to take good care of yourself. The bottom line includes a daily routine of getting proper rest, eating healthy food, and movement that suits your personality. Add to this taking good care of your body, your teeth, hair, skin. It is nourishing to choose colors that you like for your clothing and home furnishings. Next, you need stimulation to be personally challenged to grow and have interest in life. You also need people with whom to be close emotionally and with whom to share your journey. You need things to do that bring you pleasure and fun. Finally, you need a way to connect to yourself, such as daily meditation and contemplation.

A well-nourished self meets life filled up. You have more energy to participate and give, to meet your challenges, and to do the inner work and self-healing required to have high self-esteem, good relationships, and enjoyment of your life.

Here is an exercise . . . a healing treatment

A healing treatment is a prayer or set of affirmations for inner healing to override limiting thoughts, beliefs, and inner dialogue. It is the antidote to negative self-talk and behavioral patterns. Write and Say the healing treatment out loud to yourself at least twice a day, upon awakening and before you fall asleep. Feel deeply that it is already true to add power to the healing. It is very powerful to put it in your own voice on to a recording device and listen to daily. Following is a healing treatment for self-care. Try writing one of your own.

Healing Treatment for Self-Care

Divine Love flows through me

healing my fears and

resistances to my success.

I nurture myself

with proper food, rest,

and exercise.

I allow my feelings

to clarify as I sleep,

so, I wake up with

clear thoughts and intentions.

I act on my inner guidance.

I steer through my challenges

with awareness.

As I stay conscious

I grow and transform.

I love myself and being me.