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All good leaders must lead by example, that is a given.  Being a powerful woman in Sales and Leadership is no different – you MUST walk your talk. Through actions which are aligned with what you say, you become a Goddess who others want to follow, mirror and do business with. When leaders say one thing but do another they erode trust, a critical element of effective leadership and successful sales. Remember behaviors speak louder than words. When trust is allowed to build, a leader will always have a supportive team, ongoing loyal clients and friends who are there to cheer her on.

Here are the keys to being a Powerful Sales Goddess:


  1. Take responsibility. Knowing that you create your life and your success and your actions come from your beliefs, intentions and patterns – take responsibility for your own integrity. Do what you say and say what you do. Setting your intention for the best possible outcome right from the start is powerful. Take notice of patterns of behavior that feel like they came out of left field, they might be programmed patterns that were somehow triggered from when you were a child. Own them, become aware of them and decide how you want to show up instead. Own up to your mistakes – faux pas, make corrections and move forward with the best of intentions. This is what it means to be responsible.


  1. Be truthful. When you are authentic and transparent it affects everyone around you in a positive way. When I was in a customer situation where I didn’t have an answer in the moment, I let my client know that I was unsure AND I would get back to them with an answer. I always had great people that I could go to for more information.  Telling the truth is always the best policy.  People, clients appreciate your truthfulness and see that as a valuable quality in you.


  1. Be courageous. Be the first to walk toward the fire, a crisis, rather than turn and run. Take inspired actions that demonstrate your commitment to the bigger picture, for yourself – for the client and your team . Handling situations as they come up often defuses the challenge before it becomes a full blown crisis. Anyone who is brave and proactive in alleviating obstacles and challenges is seen as a great leader, that others want to spend time with.


  1. Acknowledge obstacles. Doubt, mistakes and having things go all wrong are part of the process of success. Being upfront and honest about your own struggles makes it OK for your team to do the same and defines setbacks as part of the process of becoming extraordinary. There is no such thing as failure, only quitting.


  1. Be persistent. When things are not going as you would like, ask yourself “How can I look at this from another perspective? How can I try this another way? What am I not ‘seeing’?” Brainstorm with others to get their take on the situation and try a new approach. Try and try again. Don’t just give up. Take a break, take a walk and let another idea come to you. Allow your intuition to guide you.  Be willing to go over, under or around any hurdles to show that obstacles don’t define you. Patience and persistence are qualities of the Sales Goddess.


  1. Create solutions. Asking questions of yourself and the energy around you is one of the most successful ways to create. Answers that you wouldn’t have thought of pop into your awareness and creative juices begin to flow. Don’t dwell on problems; instead be the first to offer solutions and then ask your team for their ideas too.


  1. Listen. There are many ways to listen. Listen to your clients with your heart. Listen to your own inner wisdom and act from that. Spend more time listening to body language that you can’t actually hear, but that speaks loudly to what is really going on. Listen to the energy of the situation, you’d be surprised at how easy this can be and how much more information is at your fingertips than you thought. Ask questions and really listen to the answers. Seek to understand. You’ll receive valuable insights and set a tone that encourages healthy communication and relationships.


  1. Delegate liberally. Recognize your own skills and those of the people around you. Encourage an atmosphere in which people can focus on their core strengths. When people get to do tasks that they are good at and love, success soars for everyone. Get to know your own strengths and those of your team and utilize their GENIUS to create extraordinary outcomes where EVERYONE wins!


  1. Take care of yourself. Drink lots of water. Laugh every day. Breathe. Pause and be grateful for all that you have and all that you are. Exercise, don’t overwork, take a break. When you care for yourself FIRST it is easy to be at your best. Balance is so, so important! Get good sleep. Eat some tasty veggies. Meditate or create a magical practice to start your day. Creating balance mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally is a best recipe for a successful leader, a successful team and a successful LIFE! Model it, encourage it, support it!


  1. Continue to grow and learn. An amazingly successful Sales Goddess knows that there is always more to learn. Ask yourself, what else is there for me to know? Take a class on something you have never done before. Pick up a book that catches your attention.  Go to a workshop or hire a coach to help you see what you are not seeing.  Continue to grow always, successful people know that stretching the mind, body and soul is a huge part of their success.


  1. Send Love. Come from the attitude of service. Send love. Send love to all people involved in what you are doing, the ones you know and the ones you don’t know yet. Send love to the situation as a whole. And fill the room, the phone line, the text – whatever it might be, with love and pink or green light in your mind.  When you come from LOVE, you are accessing the most POWERFUL ENERGY on the planet.  Remember to send some to yourself, too!


Thank you for reading about becoming a Sales Goddess.  If you resonate with these philosophies and would like to set up a Sales Magic Makeover  – a conversation with me to uncover your vision and the challenges that are keeping you from your vision, go here to apply.    I look forward to serving you!  Victoria Buckmann

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