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We all have heard over and over again that ‘mindset is everything’. What exactly is mindset? The dictionary defines it as ‘an established set of attitudes held by someone.’

In her awesome book, Carol Dweck talks about 2 different types of mindset: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success explains how we take a set of ideas, or what I would call beliefs, into our experiences and interactions on a daily basis, and our actions are a reflection of those ideas or beliefs. Open or closed, positive or negative, fixed and set in stone or growth oriented and expansive.

A fixed mindset assumes that: I have what I have – skills, talents and knowledge and those are set in stone. None of it can or will change. A growth mindset translates into knowing that we can learn, grow and stretch our abilities so that challenges turn into opportunities for expansion.

Here are 5 powerful mindset principles that will support you in cultivating a winning mindset no matter what is going on around you, or in the world.

Principle #1 – Give Attention To and Reflect On What IS Working

We all have times when nothing seems to go according to our plan or expectations. Our natural reaction that comes forth in nanoseconds is one of frustration, irritation and sometimes anger. This principle takes practice and gets easier as you do it more often. The next time things are going awry, try taking a pause, taking a few deep breaths and give yourself a minute to focus on what IS working at that very moment. We always have so many things that are working versus what is not working. By becoming aware of what is working, you are able to shift your mindset and keep the part of your brain open so that creative ideas can come through. Hanging out in the ‘what’s broken space’ is not a good use of your time or energy. Cultivate a mindset that is growth oriented and ponder…what opportunity can come about because of this new path.

Principle #2 – Surround Yourself With People Who Love To Learn & Grow

The people that I have in my inner circle are my Dream Team. I choose these people because of their love of learning and they work to be the best version of themselves. Remember, you start to become like the people you spend most of your time with, so choose your inner circle, Dream Team, wisely. By aligning yourself with people who hold a high vibration, they will want to support you and your dreams no matter how small or huge they are. High vibration people are upbeat, open and honest. They are like electricity: they light up your way. They are fun to be around and they generate positive energy around themselves and around you. And in turn you become one of these people for others.

Principle #3 – Create Connections With People Who Have Walked The Path You Want To Walk

Having these people in your life encourages you to know and see what’s possible. When you come across a challenge or problem, because you will -it’s part of life and achieving great things, you’ll have the supportive people who can give you ideas and insights to move through the obstacles that will come your way.  Knowing that you don’t have to do everything by yourself is comforting and surrounding yourself with inspiring people makes it all the more fun.

Principle #4 –  Be Consistent and Challenge Yourself

Being consistent is one of the great qualities of successful people. You don’t always have to be the best, yet when you are consistent you automatically get better and better over time. That’s what consistency creates. Mistakes and obstacles challenge you to get creative and innovative. Challenges help you learn and grow like nothing else. I remember learning from Brian Johnston about OMM’S, (pronounced oh..mmmms). It stands for Obstacles Make Me Stronger.

Principle #5 –  Celebrate Your Wins

I walk around my house wearing a crown, Queen Victoria as I say. Being a high-achieving, high performance person, going after my dreams can become such an ‘all consuming focus’ that I forget to stop, reflect and celebrate when I achieve a milestone or my actual goal. Too often I’ll set the next one and take off running. Celebrating your wins, both large and small is a crucial step to staying motivated and keeping your energy high.  Wearing my crown reminds me that entrepreneurship, just like Queenship, is a marathon, not a sprint. Be sure to celebrate every milestone, even tiny baby steps. Celebrating your wins helps you remember it’s the journey that you want to enjoy…not just the destination.

Creating a winning mindset is imperative in business and even more so in life itself. By focusing on what IS working in your life and hanging out with people who do the same, your world will change. Allow yourself to be led by those who have accomplished what you desire and know that challenges make you grow. Don’t shy away from the struggle as my husband, Gary Buckmann, author of Broken To Brilliant would say. And celebrate. Celebrate your wins, celebrate you mistakes (laugh with yourself), and celebrate all the baby steps you take in life. Life is meant to be celebrated! Coming from a winning mindset makes it all a lot easier.


Victoria Buckmann

Creator of S.A.L.E.S. Magic ™

Published by SoulSpring