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Self Love = Gratitude

Having Gratitude With Self Love

I have been focused on self-care this month. Self-care is about being grateful and appreciative for your Self, yourself, your body and the ones you love. We have an easy time thanking others, but how often do you thank yourself for all the things you do every day?

I have just started to do this, and it feels pretty amazing. I have started to love up my little girl in me, and thank her for all her support and efforts. I do this by journaling back and forth — with her and I speaking to one another.

Here is part of an article that I found in Energy Medicine Magazine, I wanted to share this exercise with you. “Consider the following exercise for putting gratitude into action with people close to you, whether they be spouse, children, friends, or business partners:

  • Pick at least three people you want to appreciate.
  • Ask yourself these questions in advance . . .
    • What are highlights–fun times and bonding times–that you’ve had together?
    • What specific qualities do you admire about this person?
    • What efforts by this person have helped you make it through difficult times?
    • Find five minutes to sincerely share the results with the person. Ask them to do their best to please receive and really take in your appreciation.

This simple exercise helps us stop taking people for granted and can effectively reawaken awareness of the abundant gifts of life. Now try it on yourself!” I encourage you to try it with yourself FIRST. Have fun with this, as women we are all learning to care for ourselves more, first and always!

Take Good Care.