Are You Ready to DOUBLE Your Sales?

Without being sales-y, pushy or using high-pressure tactics.

Are You Attracting All The Clients You Want Right Now?

You know that your work is powerful and life-changing . . . if only your potential clients understood what was possible and would just sign up automatically!

You also know that you’re here to make a difference in the world, and you’re ready to make a bigger impact.

But you don’t like “selling yourself.”

Thinking about sales starts your tummy turning, heart pounding and stops you in your tracks…or sends you in a different direction to do ANYTHING other than make a sales call.

You don’t want to be seen as a ‘sales person’. You want to feel authentic and natural, not sales-y.

So what do you do?  Somehow force yourself to use sales tactics that feel bad to you?  Or give up and go get a job?

Either option is a full body “NO!!!”

You couldn’t do either if you wanted to.  And you don’t want to.

Fortunately, there IS another way!

You CAN do what you love, what you came here to do AND be well-compensated for your gifts.

With the right systems and knowledge, it’s possible to attract clients in a way that feels fun, easy, and magical . . . and comes from a place of service.

That’s why I created Sales Magic.

What Is Sales Magic?

Sales Magic is the love-based sales system that combines practical sales techniques with profound spiritual practices.

This is the signature system that I developed to exceed 1000% of my sales quota month-after-month, year-after-year when I worked in corporate.  The best part is that I was able to train others to replicate my results.

And now, I’m living my passion of sharing this life-changing system with other women entrepreneurs.

384 Clients Already Love Our Program

Moved forward and experienced greater success in my career . . . Victoria helped make changes in my life in an area where I was stuck. She assisted me in discovering and releasing aspects of myself that were sabotaging my ability to move forward and experience greater success in my career. She is caring and results oriented.
Ruth K.
Licensed Psychotherapist
Before working with Victoria I didn’t have a strong direction for my business. I really didn’t have a business where I was making money. After working with Victoria, I gained more confidence, starting charging more and my business really took off. I now have a thriving business that I love with ten times more clients and best of all it’s fun!
Karen M.
Tri-Athlete and Physical Therapist
Opened my mind to different ways of working & thinking! I was able to overcome my blocks to moving forward in my business quickly. I enjoyed working with Victoria, her work opened my mind to different ways of working and thinking.
Suzanne G.
Today I woke with clarity and a sense that I can accomplish anything I choose and love doing it . . . and I will! What a difference taking out the garbage does for the psyche!
Judy M.
Anti-Aging Specialist

Ready to Get Started?

When you’re ready to skyrocket your sales, the next step is to apply for a complimentary Sales Magic Makeover Session with me.

Many women have said that this session alone changed the trajectory of their business and life and was the best investment of time they ever gave themselves.

Meet Victoria Buckmann

When I was in my 20’s, I got a job with a big telecommunications company, and all my sales training were taught by men and focused on hard sales tactics. I couldn’t find a model of sales that felt good for me, so I finally decided that I would have to invent one myself…